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How do I register to use Paycloud?

Paycloud is currently still in development, but you can register your interest now and we will let you know when the final product is launched.

Can I make bulk payments using my internet banking?

Yes, we have downloadable bulk payment files for all of the commonly used internet banking systems.

How do I link to my accounting software?

PayCloud has been designed to integrate with most major accounting software packages, and if you use Xero it will communicate automatically.

Do I need special training to use the software?

Our software is developed to be simple and intuitive to use, with no special training required.

Is there a limit on the number of payments that I can process?

There is no limit on the number of payments you can process.

Will my subcontractors be willing to use the system or need special training?

Once your subcontractors have used the system once or twice they will become accustomed to its use. It is no different to using paper timesheets or invoices, only it’s online.


Will my data be secure?

We use the very latest in data encryption technology to keep your data secure.

How long do you retain data for?

We store your data indefinitely, unless you choose to delete it.


Do I need to be registered with HMRC online?

You don’t have to hold an HMRC online account, Paycloud can just provide you with the information you need to make paper returns. However, we strongly setting up an online account and letting us set up automated electronic returns to save you the hassle.


When will the full version be launched?

The full version will be launched in late 2015

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